Physics Discovery


Physics Discovery


Construct 12 models and conduct experiments with them to learn about forces and simple machines. Each model demonstrates a fundamental idea in mechanical physics. For example, you can build a balance scale to learn about lever arms, a freight elevator to learn about pulleys, and a bicycle to learn about wheels. Construct a spinning motion picture machine to learn about centripetal and centrifugal forces, and a geared transmission to learn about gears. Build a simple spring scale to measure the forces acting on your models and an inclined plane to learn about normal force and gravitational force. Make a water wheel powered crane and a catapult to learn about the transfer of energy.

Finally, put your physics knowledge to the test by building a sailing land yacht and a rubber band powered dragster.
The 48-page book offers illustrated instructions for the building projects and experiments.
Physics Discovery uses parts that are compatible with all of our Physics and Construction kits.

Recommended age is 8+.

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