Tobbie the Robot


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Tobbie the Robot


Tobbie is an intelligent, six-legged robot that interacts with you! Tobbie has two programmed modes to follow or avoid objects. In “Follow Me” mode, Tobbie follows the object in front of it, and acts like an obedient pet. Possessing IR auto detect, Tobbie can avoid obstacles in the “Explore” mode and finds a new route to keep moving. The little robot offers wonderful sound and light effects which develops its own emotions and gestures, just like a living pet!

Try to challenge Tobbie and figure out what it can do. Create a maze, or allow it to follow you. Have fun with your adorable smart friend!

Tools you may need for assembly and operation: diagonal cutter, screwdriver, and 4 x AAA batteries.

Recommended for ages 8+

Out of stock

Age group

8 years+


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