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  • This innovative laboratory brings incredible intelligent robots to life and opens up the final frontier of educational robotics!
  • With 1 cybernetic brain, 3 electric motors, 2 IR sensors, 1 touch sensor, 1 speaker and more than 250 interchangeable components, your child will be able to build 5 robots of increasing complexity that can be programmed manually or via the APP. They can then be made to follow routes and your child will have fun with the many activities proposed for each model. With the X1-Explorer, your child can program movement, speed and sound effects. With the X2-Spider, they can simulate the behaviour of prey or predator. With the X3-Sumobot, they can carry out line-following activities. With the X4-Guardian, they can sweep an area looking for intruders. Finally, with the X5-Droid, they can pick up objects and arrange them according to colour!
  • The infra-red sensors allow the robots to identify objects around them and the touch sensor recognises when the robot has picked them up.
  • Suitable for ages 10+.

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