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The Science To The Max – Interactive Human Body set is the ultimate way for a child to learn just how amazing the human body is! From the skeletal system to the muscles this set will explain it all to them!

This is a science set in a box and what makes the Science To The Max – Interactive Human Body set really cool is that children can build a really cool skeleton. Not only will they be putting all of the bones in the right place. They will get to add muscles and learn how they work and even the gross intestines as well! There is no more interesting way for a child to learn how the human body works than with this set right here. They can pose the skeleton and by doing this they can see just how muscles work. Also included is a fantastic set of pictures that breaks own each part of the human body so they understand what does what and where it all is!

Children who have an interest in science and love figuring out how things such as the human body work will have a tremendous time with this set. Everything that they need is included in the box and they will have all kinds of fun posing the skeleton, but as they do they will be learning about how the human body works.

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features

  • Children can build a skeleton
  • They will learn about the skeleton, the muscles and more
  • This science set breaks everything down in easy to understand words
  • Great for children who have an interest in science

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