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When we call someone a bookworm, we usually mean that they read a lot, and while the term "devour" is sometimes used, we don't mean that they actually EAT books! Then again Bookworms (Anobium punctatum) aren't worms either. They are the larvae of common wood-boring beetles, and because most paper is made of wood, they eat books too. But your books are safe from this cuddly critter. Don't know what books they haven't already got? Gift voucher too impersonal? Why not get your book-loving friend a Giant Microbe Bookworm?

Not for children under three years of age as parts may dislodge and become a choking hazard.

Bookworm is 150 x 90 x 90mm, made of yellow medium-pile polyester plush with polyester filling and plastic eyes.

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