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Not so long ago, nearly everyone suffered from Chickenpox which causes a blistering skin rash. It is highly contagious and caused by the varicella-zoster virus.  Chickenpox is less common now as there is an effective vaccine available for children and adults. If you know someone unlucky enough to catch it, give them a Giant Microbe Chicken Pox to scratch, instead of their spots! For most healthy people no specific treatment required for the infection.

Giant Microbes are also excellent teaching aids as they assist students to develop an understanding of biology while taking a fun, hands on approach.

Not for children under three years of age as parts may dislodge and become a choking hazard.

Chicken Pox is 150 x 140 x 90mm. Made of short-pile polyester plush in white with a red frill, with polyester filling and plastic eyes; it has been designed to look like a chicken's head!

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