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A deadly toxin is running through your veins. Can you deduce the antidote before its too late? Antidote is a deadly-fun card game for up to 7 players, with rules for as few as 2.

In Antidote, you are a laboratory scientist working for a giant chemical research conglomerate. When you and your lab are suddenly exposed to a deadly toxin, you must work quickly to share your research and discover the Antidote before it's too late!

Players take turns deciding what action all other players take: either discard from their hand or trade research with other players. Eventually, all your cards will run-out and you will be left with just one that you must drink and hope its the Antidote. If this card is the true Antidote, you cured and live! If not you die, but you can always try again.

For 2-7 players, aged 13+. Playtime lasts around 30 minutes.

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