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A creative workshop to make a large decorative solar system themed mobile. Children paint the planets and the stars with the 8 colours of paint. Once dry, they slip them on the thread to create garlands by following the position of the planets in the solar system. All that remains is to attach the garlands to the pre-drilled base by adding the other decorative elements (rockets, comets, stars...). An illustrated booklet accompanies the activity and allows the child to deepen their knowledge of the solar system.

An ideal product to discover and observe the beauty of the planets of our solar system. 

Contents: 1 illustrated cardboard base, 5 boards with 8 planets and 3 pre-cut stars to paint, 2 boards with pre-cut illustrated decorative elements (rockets, stars, comets), 1 gouache palette (8 colours), 1 paintbrush, 10 m of nylon thread, 1 self-adhesive hook, 1 sheet of double-sided stickers, assembly instructions and 1 booklet on the planets and the solar system.

Suitable for ages: 7+ years

Product is constructed from: FSC® certified paper and cardboard.

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