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Pole Position - Magnetic Travel Game

Don’t get dis-track-ted!

Ready to take this 3D tin travel game for a spin? Find the correct position of these magnetic racing cars and see who really hits the apex! A unique packing puzzle in a handy travel case. Become the champion of the 48 nail-biting challenges on all 6 tracks. Off to the races! 


Step 1

Select a challenge, if necessary, place the corresponding track card in the tin box.

Step 2

Place all puzzle pieces on the game board. The cars must always be on the track, and the trees must never be on the track. At the bottom of the challenge is the race order (A), which indicates to some degree the order in which the cars will cross the finish line.

Step 3

There is only one solution, which you can find at the end of the booklet.

Inside the Box:  

1 tin travel case that functions as a game board, 2 double-sided track cards, 8 magnetic puzzle pieces (6 with race cars, 2 with trees), challenge booklet with 48 challenges and solutions

Age: 7 to adult

Single Player

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