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The 4M Science in Action Metal Detector is the perfect tool to unlock the thrilling world of treasure hunting for young adventurers. 

This high-sensitivity, lightweight and user-friendly device is designed to ignite the imagination and curiosity of children, making every outdoor adventure an exciting journey of discovery.

Whether your child dreams of discovering buried pirate treasures, ancient relics or hidden coins in the backyard, this metal detector will make their dreams come true. It encourages kids to explore the great outdoors and engage in an exciting, hands-on learning experience.

The advanced technology within this metal detector ensures high sensitivity, allowing kids to detect a wide range of metals with ease. From coins and jewellery to small artifacts, the device picks up signals accurately, making sure no treasure goes unnoticed. With an adjustable detector angle, customisable shaft length and large LCD control panel, the thrill of finding hidden treasures will keep them entertained for hours.

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