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Turtle Tactics - Magnetic Travel Game

Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? 

Omnomnom, the flowers and grass on the other side of the fence looks deliciously greener! Get these tortoises to their favourite-coloured meal. Who will get there faster: the tortoises or the hare? A fun sequential puzzle game that comes in a handy tin travel case. Don’t let these 48 challenges turn you turtle!


Step 1

Choose a challenge. Place the tortoises, fences and hare as indicated.

Step 2

Move the tortoises and hare to their end position indicated by plants with the same colour as the animal. Animals can slide horizontally or vertically to an empty adjacent square. The hare can jump over a turtle horizontally or vertically to an empty square. No animal can jump over fences.

Step 3

You have found the solution when all animals have reached their end position.


Inside the Box:  

1 tin game board which can be used as storage case, 5 tortoises, 1 hare, 4 fences, 1 booklet with 48 challenges and solutions.

Age: 5 to adult

Single Player

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