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Viking Forge

Embark on a journey into Norse craftsmanship with the “Project Genius – Viking Forge.” This set, suitable for ages 8 and above, includes three distinct puzzles: the Star Gouge, The Steel Mold, and the Forging Tongs. Each puzzle offers a unique challenge, with difficulty levels ranging from 3 to 5 out of 5. The Star Gouge involves removing and reconnecting a star from a loop, The Steel Mold tasks you with extracting metal pieces from a bronze housing, and the Forging Tongs require separating and rejoining two pieces. These puzzles not only provide mental stimulation but also give a glimpse into the art of Viking forging.

Key Features:

Thematic Puzzles: Inspired by Viking-era tools and craftsmanship.
Varied Challenges: Each puzzle presents a unique and engaging problem-solving experience.
Compact and Collectible: Easily stored and displayed in a compact box.

Why Buy This Product?
The “Project Genius – Viking Forge” is perfect for puzzle lovers and those fascinated by Norse culture. It’s an excellent way to develop problem-solving skills and patience while exploring historical themes.

Age: 8+

Difficulty Level: 3-5/5

Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 10.5 cm

Included in this set are the Star Gouge, The Steel Mold, and the Forging Tongs.

Star Gouge: Remove the star from the loop and connect them back again.

The Steel Mold: Remove the metal pieces from the bronze housing.

Forging Tongs: Separate the two pieces and reconnect them.

Ages 8+
Difficulty: 3-5/5

Box Size 17.5 x 10.5cm

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